March 9, 2009

Wondering what her head would look like on a stick

The silicone chip inside her head gets switched to overload and nobody's gonna go to school today she's gonna make them stay at home. Daddy doesn't understand it, he always said she was good as gold. And he can see no reasons cause there are no reasons what reason do you need to be told?

I. really. don't. like. Mondays.

Sometimes I scare myself with the terrible things I think up inside my head. Well...that's not true. I'm not scared.
I was upset the other day to find that one of my old favourite websites - - had been changed into something WEIRD and DIFFERENT. What used to be a great website to while away the hours reading about serial killers is now something gaudy and tabloidy where the most-searched for articles on the front page are "Cheerleaders Gone Wild" and "Sordid Lesbian Affair Killer". Pah. The old articles are still there - but what has happened to murderers? They have changed with the culture where violence has become sexualised. Now, anyone can be a killer, big deal, you get angry, you get passionate, you take out a gun and shoot someone, then your lawyer gets you off on an insanity plea. Real original.

Where have the Ed Geins, Jeffrey Dahmers and Ted Bundys gone? I remember not sleeping after I first read each of their stories, just lying there trying to imagine how it was even possible for a person to continue doing the things they did, how can a brain just snap like that? I'm so fascinated by it, I've read their stories over and over again. I have books where the same crimes are thrashed out in the same words, yet I can't stop reading. They were the real walking nightmares, setting the bar high for human depravity. They truly strike fear into your heart.

I'm not frightened by cheerleaders gone wild. Come back Crime Library. Go away glitzy Crime TV.

Psycho killer...qu'est-ce que c'est......


  1. check out the time table. it only on this march. I saw the Shining last nite. oh. my god. I forgot what a good movie does.

  2. I totally forgot about that, thanks for reminding me :D

  3. Maybe the interesting serial killers are just better at hiding themselves these days, thanks to the insane amount of media that basically teaches one to get away with it? Just cause they aren't 'there' doesn't mean they aren't 'out there', hehe...

    Or maybe these people just have better outlets for their crazy? Outsider art is pretty creepy :)

  4. This is true, I didn't touch upon that point. I always post my blogs too fast before thinking them through :P
    But yeah...I'm quite sure there's still horrifying things going on in basements in Russia and Germany. And how could we forget Josef Fritzl?

  5. Too right tastyfake ... I am a bit of a glutton for those crime gawker shows on the CI channel on Pay TV. What with that and Law and Order etc, you get a pretty good lesson in how not to get caught .... leave no DNA LoL!

    Ps: To the watching law enforcement authorities .... I'm not a killer honest, I'm just a couch potato!

  6. I hope you haven't left any DNA on that couch.


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