March 30, 2009

My biggest weakness


Not really, I can stand a bit of Kryptonite, but I'm giving away my biggest weakness here, for free, just because I love when it happens so much. Are you ready?

When people call me Tashy, I melt, I am at their whim, I will automatically do whatever they are asking me to do, I will go out and kill that giant robot, I will give you my last cookie, of course I will kneel at your feet. It really works too, so next time you see me, give it a try.

Sorry, it's only a quick one today. I'm off work sick, and going to the doctor's tomorrow cause I keep throwing up. Yesterday I thought it was a hangover, but today I'm continuing to hurl, and now I can't hear anything, and life sucks so much sometimes, I swear.

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