March 23, 2009

I hate bikies

So it turns out that my plane was delayed on the tarmac yesterday for about 20 minutes because there was a BIKIE TURF WAR in Sydney terminal where one man was beaten to death. Honestly, this must have happened just as I was boarding the plane.

Here's a big article from called Behind Sydney's Bikie Bloodshed.

How the hell do these people exist? They ride bikes. This does not entitle them to own areas of land. I know it's all to do with drugs, etc but Jesus Christ, what happened to people who just share a love of motorbikes? Bikies are not cool. And while we're at it, Chopper Read is not cool. Stop thinking he is. Go read a book that ISN'T his, stop giving him money. Shut up. Stop killing people and delaying my flight.

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