March 22, 2009


Here's a little of what my diary would look like if I had bothered to write one while I was in Sydney.

Thursday: Read Pickman's Model and listened to Dresden Dolls on the plane down to Sydney. Lovecraft rules. Arrive at airport, Dad's waiting for me, take the double decker train back to hotel on York St. Amazed at double decker train. Walk through the streets to hotel in a daze because everything is so goddamn big. Drop bags at hotel, say hi to Mum and Mitch, we all go for a walk down to Darling Harbour. Everything is just like out of Looking for Alibrandi. We catch the monorail (MONORAIL!!!) back into the city, and walk through the city to our hotel. Sensory overload from gigantic-hugeness. Go to meet my internet friend Chris. We have a few drinks at one place, then go to Oxford St and have more. His friends start showing up, we drink more. Go to some free wanky pretentious music shows, drink more. More alcohol.

Friday: Throw up on the platform at Town Hall station, almost faint. I own it now. Have a shower, eat a piece of bread and go with family to Centrepoint Tower. Sit on the ledge looking down at the ants/humans below me and wonder what would happen if the tower split in half, and we all plummeted to the ground. Went into this stupid Oztrek thing that you actually had to pay money for, and was assaulted with the stereotype that Australians are dumb, dumb, dumb. Felt significantly dumber afterwards. Walked around and around looking for a shop that I may want to purchase things from. When I find one, realise I have no money, and trudge sullenly back to the hotel. Dad and I go grocery/booze shopping. That night, I eat chilli octopus. Suprisingly awesome.

Saturday: Wake up super late, get ready and follow family out to Darling Harbour where Mum and Mitch are part of a Capoeira demonstration. It's going on for five hours. Dad and I walk around and around and around, debating what to do, until we finally decide on just drinking beer. Drink beer. Oh, also, we go to the Chinese Garden, which was really gorgeous. Koi are awesome and evil and following me. Go back to capoeira. Watch. Walk off to drink more beer. Extremely sunburnt and sweaty and disgusting, considering all I've eaten is chips. Go home and crash. Night time, family goes off to some capoeira party in Bondi which I skip out to sit by myself at the hotel chatting on MSN to friends about how much I hate Sydney. I hate Sydney.

Sunday: Wake up super late again, chuck on some clothes and catch the monorail to go see the Star Wars exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. Awesome, except can't move because of the sea of children smaller than my knees, and the army of prams. What the hell are these kids doing here? Take a lot of photos, get really annoyed and swear off procreating for good. Catch the monorail back to my hotel, grab my bags, off to airport. Eat a Krispy Kreme, then sit for an hour reading Lovecraft waiting for my plane. Get on the plane, the guy sitting next to me orders "3 rum and cokes and a cappucino". Shit.

I've uploaded a bunch of photos that you can check out here, and shall be putting up some awesome videos of the capoeira people doing their moves, so stay tuned.

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