February 27, 2009


Dudes it is Friday and I am pumped. We are heading to Sexpo tonight and I have my thigh-highs locked and ready. I am going to be spending alllll my moneys on sex toys, and I can't think of a better way to be spending a Friday night.
Also looking forward to becoming a member of the Australian Sex Party...so I will tell you how that goes and give linkies tomorrow.
I've got a few ideas on the brain lately that I'd like some help with. So please leave a comment, email me, whatever, I like to talk to you.
  • Where can one acquire a miniature bicycle? I know they make those little TechDecks, do they also have little BMX's or something? Also a figurine of a fish. I want to make a sort of...diorama I guess. You'll see when the pieces are all together. Unless it's already obvious.
  • Aside from the completely obvious of Stephen King, I'd like to read some more horror fiction. I've heard Jack Ketchum is good - any suggestions? Please don't tell me to read Poppy Z. Brite or Anne Rice. Not interested.
  • It's pretty short, so I'm not sure if it's possible but I want to learn how to braid my hair. See pic of my hair at the bottom of the blog and tell me if it's do-able, and if so, how. Or you can come over and we can have a hair party and you can do it for me.
  • Can ANYONE tell me if there's a gourmet cupcake cafe in Brisbane? I vaguely remember hearing something about one in Paddington I think, but I'm quite sure it was just a lovely dream. Where the hell can one get awesome cupcakes in this town?
  • Would anyone like to have a picnic with me one Sunday soon...with cupcakes? At New Farm?

I love cephalopods.


  1. Hai Tash!
    1) I don't think that hair is braid-able sorry. It's way too short! You could maybe do a little plait/braid of the front section and pin it back (otherwise it will stick out all goofy like).
    2) Brisbane has tons of gourmet cupcake places! For starters, West End. Turn off Boundary Road where the 7/11 is - forget the name but it's prettiful!
    3) Why are you buying cupcakes? They are so easy to make! We can have a baking day if you like and I'll show you some nifty decorating tricks :)

  2. Hi hi!!!
    Good luck at your um.. expo :). I can't read horror.. im scared. I would love to know what you are going to do with a mini bmx and a fish but I have no idea where to find either thing. I think your hair is braid-able in sections but not all into one braid. I have no idea about Brisbane cupcakes but they are pretty easy to make as the comment before me said!!!


    P.S. Hope everything works out with your new hormones. Eating is the only thing that my hubs doesn't need to be reminded of (haha) but he is super hyper so it burns all off. I think you are right about the "overreacting" Thank you so much for all your comments!! They mean lots to me!!!!

  3. You should be able to put in small braids in parts of your hair, but I don't see it being able to all be pulled into one braid. It's hard to type out how to braid! Let me think how to explain it...I'll be back...


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