February 9, 2009

Way to go, brain

I think my brain is getting extremely lazy when it comes to my dreams.

Usually I have pretty far-out stupidly extravagant dreams that don't bother me, and I think how awesome it was for my unconscious brain to come up with that. Like when the world was on fire, but only smouldering, and buildings everywhere had collapsed, but I was in the Queen St Mall and I just wanted to get to Hungry Jacks to have a bacon deluxe, but there were schoolboys everywhere and I couldn't get through the throng and gave up. That was deep.

But lately, my brain has gotten lazy, and done away with subtlety.

I dream about all my insecurities in action. But instead of being kooky and symbolic about it, it's just straightforward. As if I didn't already think about that every waking moment, now I have to think about it every second I sleep. I'm not going to go give an example, because it's so obvious and upsetting, I don't really want the world to know my weaknesses. I keep that privilege for a select few, who could and sometimes do use it against me. You know who you are.

If I could only dream symbollically and strangely like I used to, maybe I could pretend that I'm not dreaming about EXACTLY what I'm dreaming about. I could fool myself into thinking "oh well that obviously means I'm just troubled over the current state of my funds" or "well I'm obviously just a little overworked at the moment". But no. Thanks brain. I go to sleep to escape from my bullshit. But you just bring it right in there to sleep with me. I hate you.

I hate my brain.

Does anyone have skills in hypnosis or massage? I got some serious tension I need to get rid of.


  1. some people say that your brain is a product if i bought it today i would take it back tomorrow so many defects and faults sometimes i wish i didnt need one at all -- i hate my brain -- frenzal rhomb say it best n straight to the point!!

  2. D* has super massaging powers. /o\ but not me, sry2say


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