April 27, 2009

New Tattoo

Hey y'all, just a quick update to show off my new tattoo that was done today.
I got to Wild at Heart on Charlotte St in the city and Victoria is the girl who does all my tatts. She is awesome and takes her time to do it right. I had her draw up this tattoo for me in February and we finally got everything sorted out right in time for Rudd bucks!
The whole outline is finished and the black shading has been done, but I went into shock when she was just starting the green, after 3 hours of tattoo-age, and started crying involuntarily and hyperventilating. I don't remember that part much but I guess I must have been pretty bad cause she decided to stop for the day and made my boyfriend go buy me lunch. I had no idea you can go into shock but apparently it's pretty common for large tattoos. Uncool!
Anyway it's only half done as it still needs to be entirely shaded - it will be green and purple in the end. Joker colours!
So here's some pics. Enjoy!


  1. Very cool indeed. And yes, shock is a common thing for large tattoos, particularly if your blood sugar plummets (thus sending you for a meal).

    I always have a good "slow burn" low GI meal before a tattoo, and take a sugary drink with me.

  2. Thanks for the tips - I'll have to try a better meal before my next session. All I had to eat that morning was a fruit salad and iced coffee. Probably not a good idea, but I was kind of worried about throwing up as well.

  3. I spent three hours under the needle last year in ecuador, and I can say, I started to freak a bit. This was the second tat I got, and nothing like the first one.

    Onya for getting through the whole thing.

    Damn, tattoo...now I feel like getting a new one!


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