April 6, 2009

Hey Jerks

Newsflash Jerks:
Girls have body hair. All humans have body hair. On some girls, such as myself, body hair tends to be extremely dark. I was born with a head of black hair. I am hairy. I have dark hair on my upper lip.
This in no way entitles you to comment on my "moustache". How unfortunate for you that I really don't care enough about other people's opinions on the amount of body hair girls should have, that I don't wax it off and isn't it sad that for that fact, you have to stare at it. You poor, poor creature. I will run to the salon straight away to get that hair ripped out of my skin JUST FOR YOU.
Here is something that is not so much of a secret if you looked at me close enough: I shave my arms, and have since I was about 14. I remember the day I started doing it, I took my jumper off at school because winter was moving into spring, and one of my friends (a male) said "woah, your arms are hairier than mine. You're a gorilla". So I started shaving my arms and I sort of never stopped. I wish I could stop, because I like to think that I don't care anymore, but I know that I do, and I know that I would always be hiding my arms, and wearing long sleeves. Because people are fucking jerks.
I can't even count the amount of times that guys (and yes, it's only EVER guys) have "joked" to me about having a moustache. Of course I'm going to find you belittling me hilarious! That's such a good one, coming from a perfect specimen of beauty such as yourself!

So dudes, please stop watching your air-brushed, waxed, oiled fake porn and take a look at how beautiful the REAL girls around you are. Because you're completely missing them. And after that take a long hard look in the mirror.


    There is nothing at all nice about comments like that. All I can say Tashy, is maybe that you come across as so cool and kind of a tomboy people think these comments might not effect you? It still doesn't excuse horrible behavior though, obviously.

  2. Thanks guys :)
    I would say it's a little because I'm kind of a tomboy that a lot of my guy-friends say things to me that they would NEVER say to any other girl, but also I think it's just plain exhibiting privilege. Head over to Finally Feminism 101 and have a read about objectification and male privilege if you're at all interested. http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/

  3. What is natural about a woman has become forgotten amidst all the airbrushing, bleach, wax, injections, surgery, and other bullshit made to make all of us look exactly the same. Men in particular seem to feel like the appointed judges to critique women's bodies, even if they are sporting a beer gut bigger than their brain and an astounding lack of intellect.

  4. Oh dear, it's a small leap from Finally Feminism 101 to I Blame The Patriarchy...

    Lived with a feminist girlfriend for 2 years and do not regret the experience or the education at all. Quite enlightening.


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