April 18, 2009


I'm a little confused and not sure how to feel about something, so I'd like some input. I would like to know why it's an accepted norm in society that dudes go to strip clubs. Perhaps I should clarify - I know guys want to look at naked chicks. I can sort of understand that single guys would want to go and spend money to sexually objectify women. If you're single, go the fuck ahead. I have no problem with strippers, in fact power to them, cause they're taking your money. You're still objectifying them, but they're the ones gaining in the end.
What I don't see is how guys in relationships would think it's okay to go to strip clubs. I could be just an extremely jealous and possessive person* but...if you've got me at home, and I'm naked, and I'm free and you actually get to touch me...what the FUCK are you doing in a strip club? Please, someone enlighten me?
I don't feel that this applies to burlesque shows though. I would gladly go to a burlesque show any day of the week, it's art, it's a performance. I guess that what I hate is the mindset of guys going to a strip club (or a burlesque show) - you're not going to appreciate someone as a person, you're going to stare at boobs and revel in your caveman ideal.

How about you take all the time you spend appreciating strippers and those hours you spend watching porn and invest it in appreciating MY female form. It's called FOREPLAY GODDAMIT.
I'm allowed to watch hours of porn cause I have more than one 'go' in me.

And in case you're one of those people who get all of your sexual knowledge from porn, watch this, then try again. And again. And again. Practice makes perfect.

The French call orgasms le petit mort - the little death. Each orgasm brings your soul a little closer to Hades! So please...kill me.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, brought to you by my sexual frustration. Thanks for reading Mum!


  1. Well, bein' a boy I'd like to point out that going to strip clubs is (for me) pretty damn boring really - unless it's either with friends (and then it's usually boring anyway) or with my better half (in which case it's a hoot because GIRLS aren't suppoesed to be IN HERE!!!). We went to Sid-en-ee a couple of years ago and (as you do) had a night "up the Cross" and patronised a couple of "gentleman's clubs" and it was sooooo much fun watching all the others. And a few of the girls were actually pretty good - strong, flexible and creative - they really should've been workin' somewhere better, but I dunno, maybe the like it or something?

  2. Never been to a strip club, don't see the point either as a single guy or in a relationship. In a relationship you have someone to look at ALREADY, and as a single guy it's just a reminder of the fact that I DON'T have somebody. So, as to why guys go - because they're idiots.

    Now, as for the sex thing; sure, I'd gladly take the hours of watching porn and invest it in a real female form. I rather enjoy the investment. EXCEPT I'M SINGLE ASLIUIGLKNASIO"BVU ISADJVIL"SADUV:LNKSDA BKL"JSA ESOVJASPD BOKADFLBJADFOPB JWAG:DAOUB S:AODFJB :SADOUB AS:OKJ :LSBVUj


    Also, your * didn't lead anywhere.

  3. A stripper may be gaining financially, but those who visit strip clubs are also gaining as the process is like any other transaction: One party buys something and the other party offers a product or service in return. Unless the customer, in this case the strip club patron, is unhappy with the service, he or she is likely satisfied parting with money.

    Like any transaction, it wouldn't take place unless both parties were gaining something.

    To suggest the patron is an idiot or caveman in many ways lessens the argument of objectification and instead places the stripper in the shoes of the exploiter.

    Neither is accurate.

  4. I think you really missed the point here, Michael.

    I don't think she was referring to strip joint patrons as cavemen, simply that they have cavemen ideals, being that they have the view that these women are a product they can consume (view) and receive gratification from. While many women turn to stripping as a last resort, there are also many interviews with strippers that love their job. But when it comes down to it, the gratification is non-mutual, which creates objectification as it's turning the stripper into a consumable product.

    I'm not saying that I am anti-sex work, just that obtaining payment for services does not remove the element of objectification in the process.

  5. I will categorically put my hand up and say I have spent time in various strip clubs in brisbane. I will also declair that I have spoken to many different men in the clubs and I can suggest from anectodal evidence that it doesn't matter how hot and naked your body is, its not someone elses. at one stage your hot naked body was talking about feeling or emotion, and therfore made said man think. Men appear to visit clubs for many different reasons, however as it is comparable to fantasy land I assume that man like the false sense of intimacy without the other side that ladies have to offer in the real world.
    On the other side of the coin, there are two types of strippers.
    the type who do it caz their smart
    and the type who do it caz they don't have the skills to get a job that requires more responsibility.
    call me some time, I'll take you out.


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