April 19, 2009

Fave City Things

I just got back from a day spent wandering around the city with my Rudd-bucks to burn. I got my new tattoo quoted up and made an appointment first, then walked round and round and round looking for American McGee's Alice in Wonderland but alas, it was not found. So instead I bought a bunch of books from Archives, the Gonzo DVD (about Hunter S Thompson) from JB Hifi, some earphones, some cute shoes from Big W and some emo-socks from Jay-Jays. I love my emo-socks.

Whilst we were traversing the streets we came upon this giant little girl...it was pretty terrifying.
There was a large crowd of people standing around all going "what the fuck" and I was pretty sure that at any moment laser beams would shine from her eyes, de-materializing all those in a short radius of her, so I took a few photos and skedaddled.

Anyway, I'm the kind of person who goes to restaurants and always gets the same thing. When I find something awesome that I love, I think why bother getting anything else if I already love this?
So what's your favourite meals/snacks/drinks to get in the city? Here's a few of mine:

  • Curry Chicken from Suncrane in the Myer Foodcourt. It's $5.90 and it'll fill you up - fried chicken covered in curry sauce with rice and it's the best thing I've ever tasted.
  • Carbonara Pasta or Chilli Chicken Pasta from O'Malleys. I think they're about $15 for these huge bowls of spiral pasta with awesomesauce. The carbonara has more bacon than you can poke a stick at.
  • Free party pies, mini sausage rolls and fried chicken at Union Jacks at happy hour! 5.30 to 7.30 they bring around these platters and I mean come on...everyone loves free food, especially when downing a tasty half price beverage. It helps if you can block out the sound of "dem apple bottom jeans, boots wit da furrrr".
  • Original Glazed Krispy Kremes. They seriously are the best, if you want to spend the equivalent of a bus ticket on one donut.
  • Anything from EasyWay Tea - I'm still searching for my favourite drink from there, but I like that they're refreshing. I'm not much of a coffee person, or at least, when I'm walking around the city I don't like anything milky or hot.
What's your favourite city treats?
Also, does anyone have a copy of American McGee's Alice they want to sell to me?



    My favourite city food is Govindas. $9 ($6 if they'll accept my student card) and absolutely the most filling meal ever. If you've never had kofta balls, you are MISSING THE FUCK OUT. Just don't go there on a Sunday or you'll have to do a Hare Krishna chant for hours or something.

    For coffee I love Sugar N Spice on Adelaide St just near Central - they have fantastic special coffees (their Liquid Bounty...tastes like a Bounty bar).

    But otherwise I'll try anywhere that looks interesting - the Suncrane one in particular looks intriguingly delcious.

  2. I'm gonna second Sugar and Spice for coffee. I heart them. I also like this little place in ... oh man, can't remember. What's the building Darrell Lea is part of, I'm having a mind blank. Fancy place, feel like a derro whenever I walk through there. BRISBANE ARCADE, THAT'S IT.

    Food wise, I love Hidden Secrets in the Wintergarden, that sushi place in the food court (also Wintergarden) and most of the yummy little places in Elizabeth Arcade.

  3. Apparently the big girl was for an Allen's lollies ad they were shooting. She is freaky.

    Ok, my favourite dishes at particular restaurants:

    1. Blue cheese risotto at Verve Cafe on Edward St. Followed by their INCREDIBLE sticky date pudding.

    2. Thai prawn stir-fry with extra cashew nuts and jasmine rice from Jo-Jo's on Queen and Albert Sts.

    3. Baby barramundi with lemon at Cafe Bubbles on Albert St.

    4. Bangers and mash at O'Malleys.

    5. Salt and pepper squid at Ben's Chinese/Vietnamese at Woolloongabba.

    Oh there are lots more though!

  4. For good sushis that shouldn't make you sick - try top sushi, opposite Rockinghorse Music in the city. It's not at all authentic, but it is cheap, quick and tasty. Try the Volcano Roll if you like slightly spicy, crunchy fried chicken. The rolls are awesome value cos they are stuffed with fillings. I like the tuna and the tempura asparagus ^.^

  5. I 100% concur with curry chicken. 100% BITCHES. Absolute best. And you have to walk around rubbing your belly for a while afterwards if you manage to get through a whole bowl.

    I don't get into the city much any more these days but when I do, I can't pass up Cherri Berri frozen yoghurt (near the big Myer Centre entrance on Elizabeth street), green tea flavour with blueberries and mango on top.

    Best coffee ever is from Jeremys on Albert Street - their signature "Jeremy" is delicious. Their food's pretty wicked there too but I've not settled on just one menu option.

    When I was a student I used to get a kebab almost every day from the kebab place in the middle of the Myer centre food court. I also used to get the bagels from that donut place that has since closed down (weep, they were incredible bagels).

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Love Roll sushi yet either. It's on Adelaide street, a few shops up from the Edward street intersection. Omgosh omgosh omgosh DELICIOUS.

    And Dreamy Donuts' musk donut beats out any Krispy Kreme hands down, though the Charlotte street DD has gone and I may need to cry myself to sleep forever over that.

  6. Smoothies from Oasis, will replace a whole meal they are so tasty and wholesome. Intersalad in wintergarden, I worked there once upon a time, best salads ever if you're into healthy eating. And COFFEEEE from that little espresso place right next to the information center in the mall infront of wintergarden, the people there have awesome accents and are so cute and friendly... and they really know how to make a good coffee which can be hard to find for people like myself, a massive coffee critic. :)


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