January 7, 2009

Out on a Limb

I NEVER join classes. I have a huge fear of being in a class situation and making a total fool of myself. I even have a fear of humiliating myself in front of a teacher in a one-on-one situation. It's why I do Open Learning Tafe instead of just going to classes.
But this year I've enrolled in singing lessons and now this morning I just signed up for circus class!
The singing lessons are one-on-one in a private studio, which I'm much more comfortable doing. I've had singing lessons before but not for a few years, and my voice is pretty raggedy. I lost my voice twice last year so I'm pretty keen to build it back up again.

I was at the Game On exhibition at the State Library yesterday (which was fucking awesome, more later) and there's also currently a circus exhibition on there as well, so I grabbed a couple of brochures and decided to go back on the weekend.
One of the brochures was from Circa, who run training classes. And the more I thought about joining one of the classes, the more nervous I got. I pretty much just fretted about it all night and tried to come up with reasons why it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to do, or how I wouldn't be suited to it.
Then I thought, fuck it. I need to stop limiting myself over stupid fears. I WANT some cool skills. I already hula-hoop like a fiend, I want to be able to use my body well...for art!
So I rang up this morning and booked myself into the Conditioning class, which is sort of a pre-requisite for all the other classes. After this I'm interested in the Aerials class - trapeze, cloudswing, webs. Perhaps from there I might be able to go on and do burlesque, a secret dream of mine. I'm so fucking excited!!

About the Game On exhibition - it's on till mid-February and if you have ANY spare time at all, GO! There's two floors filled with games for you to play if you can elbow the kids out of the way. There's Pong, arcade machines, Ataris, Nintendos, a table full of handheld consoles, a Pokemon room, Dance Dance Revolution, X-Boxes, Playstations, Dooooom, fucking EVERYTHING. There's a little Rock Band stage set up with a projector where my two little brothers drew a bit of a crowd with their awesome rendition of Nirvana's In Bloom. There's also workshops like animation, how-to-draw-anime, game soundtracks, that kind of thing. So have a look on Qtix and look for anything under the heading "Game On". All held at the State Library at South Bank.
And if you miss it, there will be a big void in your soul that you won't ever be able to fill.

Ahem, also my apologies for the many capitalised words in this post. I'm excited.

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  1. I think it's really awesome that you went out on a limb defying what you'd usually do which is the same as me.. freak out and come up with an excuse not to have to confront the awkward. I figure most people are the same. Change can be a really awesome thing to look at through the window but when it actually comes along you somehow go.."ohh ahh I was comfortable with what was happening before" which in truth isn't the truth. This is where you differ, the window of opportunity was presented and you took the risk and chose not to care about your said fear, nice work my friend. I have been thinking over the last month about classes I would like to participate in to make my life more fulfilled and I know that going out on a limb will seem scary at first but I also know that it will be more exillerating to do so. I hope the circus makes your life seem oh so much more fulfilled. Your story has pushed me a few steps further in a quest for an awesome life =)


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