January 5, 2009

No ifs, ands or butts

This one's a few days late, but here is the 2008 wrap-up video for Target:Women starring my biggest girlcrush ever, Sarah Haskins. I've pretty much never known love until she came along.

PLEASE watch it! Target Women is Sarah's show on Current TV where she takes on mainstream media representations of women in advertising. Awesome ones to watch are the segments on bridal shows, cleaning ads, Twilight and poop. No one is funnier than Sarah Haskins. Perfect comedic timing? She has it.

Speaking of Twilight here's a cool albeit very long article from Bitch magazine taking a look at the way Twilight portrays abstinence and the totally unhealthy relationship between the two main characters, which is probably not a good thing to be portraying to gajillions of impressionable teenage girls. I haven't seen/read Twilight, and I don't really plan to. I've read a couple of articles about it in the same vein as this, and it pretty much seems like shitty fluff fiction with a bad message that stalking a girl is okay if you're a hot vampire. Also now I've read this cracked article of Twilight condensed, I won't ever have to read it or see the movie! I will say I am intrigued in the way I was about Harry Potter when I was younger - what is causing this mass hysteria?
Man do I ever hate Victorian upperclass vampires. I would say go read Anne Rice, but I'd rather have fantasies about a heterosexual vampire than go through fucking Interview with a Vampire again. That shit was latent and made me fear turning every page in case I'd stumble upon some vampire anal sex. I'm just not into it, sorry Anne.

I guess I'll stick to Stephen King. At the least he knows how to shove a good sex scene in the middle of a scary book.
Addendum re Robert Pattinson...
I would still hit that like the fist of a terrifying and mighty deity.


  1. man, totally right about the Twilight thing. I mean that dude, the main vampire dude Robert dude, He is actually good to stare at for a few hours, really really good... but throughout the whole movie i was so filled with tention from these two supposedly in-love immortal/mortal combination I was waiting soooo long for there to be some kind of sexy kinky neck biting romping action. The ending is shit too. My housemate has the book, I got to the second sentence and put it down. But because i saw the first one, the second one is just in my fate. Kudos

  2. So she turns into a vampire at the end right?
    At least with Dracula, Gary Oldman chows down on Wynona Ryder pretty early on. THAT was hot.

  3. Funny thing is, he loves her so much that he doesn't want to put her through the "pain" ... Another really funny thing is that he is torturing himself, I mean dude... you're in love with a 17 year old who would probably be getting her monthlys.. monthly. It's all sweet and stuff that you don't want her to be all evil but the reality is you actually want to get laid without feeling the need to rip her throat out. It's a trilogy so I assume she turns into a vampire sooner or later.. I want to see some blood.. not some dude sucking on a deers neck hahaha

  4. Don't forget Target Women: Yogurt Edition. That one is truly a classic.

  5. Hehe yes...have you seen the new one about diets?
    Everytime I watch her I can't help but sigh and say "I want to marry her".


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