January 25, 2009


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I'm pretty sure it's Sunday night and I've been drinking vodka and OJ since 2 this afternoon. Tomorrow is Australia Day which I don't really celebrate because we are a colony of convicts and I don't like to celebrate bogan culture. So I'm getting drunk today which means I'll have my hangover tomorrow instead of on Tuesday when I have to work. In case you didn't know...
I don't much like "Australian" culture. I may be wrong (and drunk) but I see it as parading to be multicultural at the same time as being totally racist, sexist and culturally un-inclusive, although I'm pretty sure that's not a word. I will cede that Australia is a great place to live, even if the weather shits me, and I'm quite free compared to many other countries. And Hugh Jackman.
I see it as a good place to commit murder a la our friend Ivan Milat. There are miles of uninhabited land, so I see Australia as a land of opportunity...to bury someone.
My apologies to any total Ozzies (TM) but you have to admit...our country is totally ripe for joking about. Which is why we are so free!
Aussie aussie aussie Oi Oi Oi.


  1. Provost....Anna ProvostJanuary 26, 2009 at 12:35 PM

    You're right about the killing Tash....but I'll never tell

    Personally, I think there are only a couple of select reason that make Australia Day bareable.
    1st) People who WANT to "BE" an Australian (admittedly a very difficult thing to define clearly) get their citizenship on Australia Day.
    2nd) Public Holiday Loading (if you find yourself at work on such a momentous occasion, and your work actually gives you holiday pay)

    I admit that the celebration of the First Fleet's arrival on the Beach and the subsequent massacres and destruction of the indigenous culture has become a "bogan" thing, drinking, beating up wogs because they're at Cronulla Beach does give Australia Day a bad rep....but then again, there's hanging out with your "mates" at the local park and just enjoying another fucking stupid public holiday, just cause you can (that's really what being an australian is all about).

  2. Ahh yes, new citizens, I do applaud them and it must be such a special day for them.
    I'm full-time, so I just get a full paid day for no workies, but Aaron just told me he's getting $25 an hour tonight! Sometimes when he talks about how much he gets paid, I consider quitting my job and applying at Subway.

    Right now everyone in my apartment complex is in the pool, playing the anthem and shouting "yeow yeow whooo aussieeee"...and I don't know...I find it a bit hard to get in on those celebrations.


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