December 19, 2008


I was inspired by my housemate's vids of his "roundup" of the year (find his youtube channel here) and thought I'd have a go at summing up a year that I have found went really fast and I can't quite remember.

I saw in 2008 at a party at an amazing mansion in the country outside Townsville. I almost didn't go to the party, but I am so glad I did. We turned up this huge seemingly abandoned mansion, walking around trying to find everyone else. Eventually we opened a door where about 15 people were sitting around playing guitar hero on a huge projector screen. It was an amazing night, I was freshly single, completely happy and ready for the new year.

I have lived in five different houses this year. I moved to Brisbane in February from my parent's place in Townsville - my first day in Brisbane was Valentines Day.
I spent the first few months of my time here making awesome friends, going out of my comfort zone and never saying no to hang out. I drank so much that eventually my legs started cramping up every time I walked, like my body was trying to cripple me so I couldn't walk to the bar....but I showed it who's boss.

I met my awesome boyfriend Aaron and had fun times being adored again. I had a Tarantino party for my birthday where everyone got wasted and silly. I moved out of that house a week later into a house in Morningside with Lachie and Bowie. About two months later I moved into Aaron and my best friend Pan's house just around the corner. It's a crazy shambling run-down co-op house where every night I'd wake up and have to chase a possum off my bed. I spent two weeks wanting to die from having super-flu and losing my voice.

Then I had the good fortune to move in again with my most favourite housemate ever, Bowie.
Finally I feel at home, I've unpacked all my suitcases for the first time since I moved here. I love my house, I have two pet rats, my boyfriend lives with me and I'm just really settled.

I started a course in IT, I'm writing again and I bought a camera. I'm trying to get a little experience in everything. I like being creative. I love taking photos of anything.
Right now my family have come down from Townsville to spend the entire school holidays here, so I'm so excited to be spending so much time with my little brothers.

Next year my plans include saving up for an overseas trip at the end of next year, more writing and finishing my IT course in the hopes of getting a promotion at work. I've signed up for singing lessons starting in January and hope to get involved in a band, and I'm also looking into taking skating lessons and boxing. I want to play roller derby and kick some ass!

I'm happy with everything I've done this year. I'm blessed to have met the people in my life, and I'm excited to get to know the new ones better. I'm glad to have finally settled down and found the time to do things I want to do on my own.

Final thoughts: The only people who play their music extra loud when I'm trying to sleep or relax, only ever play extremely bad obnoxious music. Aussie hip-hop and techno? I guess if you play anything loud enough that it ruins your hearing, of course it'll sound good.

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