November 21, 2008

To be or not to be

That is the question.

Zombies are awesome. I love zombie movies regardless of how shit the casting/dialogue/plot is. Even if it's the shittiest movie...I LOVE zombies! I love zombies so much that I even bought a bag of plastic zombies, very much like little tiny plastic army men, just to decorate my room. They're actually supposed to be pieces for a board game but fuck that. I have one on my doorknob and I always forget that he's there, so when I close my door and touch him without seeing him I freak out because he feels like a spider or something disgusting...and then I realise it's a zombie and I sigh in relief.

I wish zombies were real. I have a really big dilemma though. If zombies were real, would I rather be a zombie, or kill them? I like to switch between the two in my mind, because they're equally as cool. I love to imagine myself just cutting through a crowd of them, using a chainsaw. It'd be like unleashing every inner rage on humanity, but since it's ok to kill zombies, it's even better. You know, cause they're not really human but they still resemble them. It gives you release. I am going to at this moment plug the game Left 4 Dead which is AMAZING. Anyone who doesn't have Steam at this moment should be punched in the throat then laughed at by a large group of their peers.

But BEING a zombie? That's amazing. Brainless wandering. BRAINS! Eating people. No pain when you get a round of bullets in the gut? God. That shit is fuckin awesome. I fucking love zombies. Especially the running, screaming, blood-vomiting ones. I love you zombies.

Here's something I found that I wrote when I was 16, along with my brother. We were discussing the concepts of love songs and leftovers. They are so perfectly intertwined - a lot of my favourite love songs deal with the subject of being unrequited, or alone, and leftovers remind me of this state of being alone.

Cold Pasta under the milky way tonight. Yesterday's ravioli will throw it's arms around me, it will make me laugh and me cry, and I may never forget it. Who wouldn't stand inside your stale pizza? Steps out of the stroganoff, says something and me beef, how about it? Something in the way pasta moves. Wild horses couldn't drag me away, wild wild horses, we'll eat mince someday. I, I will eat mince, and you, you will eat beans! Though nothing, nothing will make us eat tacos, we can be deros, just for one day! Lentils, you should've come over. I would do anything for sausages, but I won't do that, no I won't do that. Love is a warm wet relish on prawns.

And I know I'm right for the first time in my life, and that's why I tell better be warm soon.

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