November 11, 2008

My good deeds for the week

This week I donated to Mission Australia and am looking forward to the Walk Against Warming this Saturday 15th November. For anyone interested, the Brisbane walk will be starting out at 12.30pm in Queens Park (behind the Casino) and heading to the Roma St Parklands Ampitheatre. Bring an umbrella if you have one, as it will be celebrating Australia finally being under the "Kyoto umbrella". If you can't make it you can also donate online, or buy a shirt, if you're feeling so inclined.

Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian organisation, their statement reads 'Our vision is to see a fairer Australia by enabling people in need to find pathways to a better life'. There's a bit of Jesus talk in there, but their main focus is on helping homeless, broken families, children in need.
I'm pretty much a sucker for donating to anything I approve of that flows through my postbox, and Mission Australia was it this week.

Walk Against Warming has some sweet links on their website for reducing your environmental impact - which is great, because I haven't been the most friendly with it myself. I'll repost here for anyone not interested in the WAW website.
I'm also saving up for some big donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. Boobies are important, people!

Also a big thumbs up to any dudes participating in Movember this month to raise awareness for men's health issues. If you are participating and would like a sponsor, leave a comment for me with your registration number and your link and I'll donate. And I'm going to want pictures too - let's see some handlebars, porn stars, hitlers, curly French waiters and my least favourite - the flavour saver.

So come on, give it up, and remember, anything over $2 is tax deductible (keep your receipt).

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