May 1, 2009

Going elsewhere

It seems that my last few posts, and other posts before, have upset, hurt or publicly shamed some people I know.
I'm not going to lie about anything, so I'm not going to stop writing about the bullshit that happens and how I feel about it.
I will apologise to people who have been hurt by things I've written here, but I won't lie about, deny, gloss over or sublimate things that have stayed with me for a reason. I don't take things lightly. I get offended, and I'm not going to apologise for that and act like things never happened.
The reactions I've received from some of the things I've said or written have been pretty upsetting to me as well and I'm quite sure I've lost a few friends. But I'm tired of excusing people for the fucked up things they say and try to defend.
So I'm not going to continue writing here.
I will continue writing at another blog, so if you're actually interested in continuing to follow me, shoot me an email, a tweet, leave a comment with your email, whatever and I'll let you know the address.
If you only come here with the intent to prove me wrong on any count, fuck off.


  1. Hey chick. Wanna share your new blog address with me? You have my twitter (it's me, sleepydumpling!)


  2. I'm keen!

  3. I would like to read it please ... from Kathleen/kissability


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